Are you an accredited investor?

What does it mean to be an accredited investor?

Under the federal securities laws, only persons who are accredited investors may participate in certain securities offerings. One reason these offerings are limited to accredited investors is to ensure that all participating investors are financially sophisticated and able to fend for themselves or sustain the risk of loss, thus rendering unnecessary the protections that come from a registered offering.

Unlike offerings registered with the SEC in which certain information is required to be disclosed, companies and private funds, such as a hedge fund or venture capital fund, engaging in these exempt offerings do not have to make prescribed disclosures to accredited investors. These offerings involve unique risks and you should be aware that you could lose your entire investment.

Who is an accredited investor?

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You’re an Accredited investor if any of the below criteria is true

    • If your annual income is greater than $200K

    • If your joint household income is greater than $300K

    • If your net worth is greater than $1 Million

Read SEC’s complete description of an Accredited Investor
Various Countries Have Different Standards For Accredited or Qualified Investors. If You’re An International Investor, Please Check Some Of The Links Below.